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Take your partner, friend(s) with you or get to know new crew members on the cruise. Book in time, there are still a few berths available on (nearly) each of the 5 trips! Alle Infos in Deutsch gibts auf Segeln-Kapverden!

With  Trend Travel Yachting we offer you a professional sailing experience based on berth charter  on the  new Jeanneau 449 "10in2" at a sensational price.  You can come as an experienced sailor, beginner or if you want to gain nautical miles for your own sailing licence. Skipper Erwin Haas (offshore licence FB3) supports and guides you on deck and in the galley through your sailing adventure!

Auf dem Weg nach Kap verde, die Füße ins kühle Nass.

Mindelo-Tenerife 07.03.18 - 23.03.18

Stage I  (1000 nautical miles, 16 days)
Price: € 500.- (per berth) + board cash
2 berths available

Tenerife - Malaga 23.03.-04.04.18

Stage II  (700 nautical miles)
Price: € 700.- (per berth) + board cash
4 berths available

Malaga-Ibiza-Mallorca 04.04.-11.04.18

Stage III  (500 nautical miles)
Price: € 500.- (per berth) + board cash
3 berths available

Mallorca-Palermo 11.04.-19.04.18

Stage III  (550 nautical miles, 9 days)
Price: € 550.- (per berth) + board cash
3 berths available

Palermo-Split 19.04.-30.04.18

Stage V  (650 nautical miles)
Price: € 600.- (per berth) + board cash
3 berths available

"10in2" Jeanneau 449

Year of construction 2016

Data: L.O.A 13.76, width 4.24, draft: 2.20, water: 530L, diesel tank: 200L
Sails: 140% genoa, battened mainsail.
3 double berths, 1 bunk berth, retractable pantry table, max. 10 PAX.
Bow thruster, dinghy with gasoline engine, heater, fans in all berths, 2 wet cells, chartplotter A75, AIS receiver, epirb, satellite telephone, VHF radio, radio / Mp3 player, music boxes inside and outside.


Skipper - Cook


Before Erwin Haas was enthusiastic about sailing after his studies of business management, he was in some restaurants, Steirereck, or Wrenkh, as a cook. He also takes his passion for cooking on board the "10in2". Whether planning, purchasing or preparing, he is at hand with advice and action.

"Cooking is a team sport, like sailing"

Is his Bordmotto. As a brand owner of 10in2 - eating a day, not having a day together with the cabaret artist Bernhard Ludwig and since 2008 lives, he is a good kitchen and enjoyment, which he shares with the fellow sailors of the "10in2".

Skipper Erwin Haas

2015 Rookieakademie FB2 (Suntours / Marko Jöbstl / Maria Kotnig)
2015 Kroatisches Küstenpatent B4150044
2015 Tauchschein Openwater (Tauchschule Piberstein)
2015 FB3 (Marko Jöbstl) / 2017 Praxisnachweis FB3 IC Nr.1522190
2016 Funkschein UKW Betriebszeugnis 2 (Fahrschule Wolf)

2013/2014 Koch/Wachführer (je 2 Wochen, Gesamt NM:1360 )
2015 Ausbildungs- und PrüfungstoÅNrns Gesamt: NM 727
2015 Skipper, 7 days, Jeanneau 45, Revier: Sibenik, Zadar, NM: 210
2015 Skipper, 21 days, Bavaria 49, Revier: Split, Brac, Hvar, NM: 760
2015 Co-Skipper, 7 days, Nautitec 40, Revier: Bodrum, NM: 214
2016 Skipper, 7 days, Jeanneau 45, Revier: Skradin, Hvar, NM: 186
2016 Skipper, 21 days, Bavaria 49, Revier: Split, Brac, Hvar, NM: 710
2016 Skipper, 7 days, Jeanneau 449, Revier: Split NM: 110
2017 Skipper, 7 days Jeanneau 449, Revier: Split FB3 Meilenfahrt
2017 Skipper 21 days Bavaria 46 Cruiser, Revier: Solta, Brac, Hvar NM: 349
2017 Co-Skipper (Eigner) 7 days Jeanneau 449 Revier: Solta, Brac, Hvar NM: 152
2017 Skipper, 7 days Dufour 56 Revier: Istrien Pula-Cres-Rab NM: 231
2017 Skipper 7 days, Bavaria 44 Cruiser, Istrien Pula-Cres-Rab NM: 178
2017 Owner 21 days, Jeanneau 449, Split-Reggio-Mallorca-Malaga NM: 1884
2017 Skipper 18 days, Jeanneau 449, Malaga-Kanaren-Cabo Verde NM: 1689
2017 Skipper 7 days, Jeanneau 449, Mindelo-St.Antao-St.Nicolau, Cabo Verde NM: 198
2017 Skipper 7 days, Dufour 56/Lipari41, Mindelo-St.Antao-St.Nicolau, Cabo Verde NM: 165
2018 Skipper 7 days, Dufour 56, Mindelo-St.Antao-St.Nicolau, Cabo Verde NM: 139
2018 Skipper 51 days, Jeanneau 449, Cabo Verde - Croatia NM: 4001

Nautical Miles: 13488

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