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Navionics In addition to the navigation chart and the plotter, Navionics is now one of the most important navigational tools available on the web.

Windyty Windyty as an app or for the computer, is a perfect tool for a estimate of wind and weather.

Settle up  The Bordcash app, which allows accounting for invidual payments. The payments are always available and transparent for everyone  .

Marine traffic - the AIS Online Tracker allows parents to participate in the cruise. As navigation aid, inaccurate and with delays, conceivably unsuitable.
For the last 30 years,  TTY has been known as a very good charter agency, from the self-built sailing dinghy to the Charteryacht. TTY and your employees know first hand what a charter customer is looking forward to or is annoyed with. Bases in Croatia and Cape Verde.
We also have this Facebook page on this website where we share and share our experiences and photos.
10in2 - One day food, one day fasting is wellknown in Austria. That there are 10in2 sailing seminars in Croatia, too, is a secret tip.
The entry requirements for Cape Verde from Austria
The entry requirements for Cape Verde from   Germany
B3-onwater. An Austrian sailing school with recommended offers for FB2 / FB3, around sailing. Now with new yachts!

Websites of our friends
As a Google optimizer and web designer, Erwin Haas is now working on behalf of Visionworxx. In addition, sailing has become a passion, which now also increasingly occupies the forefront.
The best ophthalmologist in Austria. Fact.
When it comes to business contracts, food supplements   or cosmetics law, Dr. Martin Haas is absolutely right. An expert in his subjects and disciplines. [Nbsp]
Alma Sonnleitner heads this congenial company for consulting and marketing. Whether it is optimization in the marketing sector, campaign organization or the procurement of advertising material, it is the right thing to make a whole more.
Kevin Böhm is considered a top hairdresser in and around Vienna. Dates are rare, try it out.
If you are looking for accommodation in and around Vienna, Karin Vyborny is the right contact person. On the website you will find current real estate offers, advising your customers from buying and selling to the cheapest financing.
Alex Prinz is not only an excellent FB3 sailor but also a competent IT consultant. Always cheap and always accessible. In his Onlineshop "Nur Natur Pur you will find the further natural products of Rivera (Holzhacker Franzbranntwein and ingenious ointments for every sorrow. 
The magical DIY blog by Miriam "Mimi" Krammer, journalist, marketing and sailing-constructor.